Welcome to Taj River View Hotel

Taj River View complements the scenic location and offers warm hospitality . Offering the best accommodations facility better then other hotels in barot himachal. In-room amenities are satellite television and room service. An attached bathroom with supply of hot and cold water services is present in every room.Taj River View also provides the best dining items chosen from the rich Himalayan Culture as well as other Indian, Chinese. Our Hotel is one place where you can be sure that your trip will be a pleasure. Barot valley is famous for Trout Fishing and a ropeway that attracts the Tourist.

Get For Best Trekking & Camping

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We provides trekking services at Barot. We will guide you through various beautiful places in Barot valley and to other places by trekking like Bir Biling.
Barot valley himachal offers great place to do various adventure activities. Do various activities in exotic locations of Barot valley like camping, trekking etc.

hotels in barot valley

Places to See

There are many tourist attractions in Barot valley natural as well as man made . Let us first discuss about man made attractions.

Natural Attractions

Whole Barot valley is full of Natural beauty.You can enjoy nature to fullest here.High mountains with thick cedar and various Himalayan plants welcomes you here.You will find this place quite,away from crowded life of cities and full of beauty.


Taj River View Hotel provides best food quality for you. You can enjoy the different types of food like as chinese food, coffee, tea.


Dining Room or enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea in the atmospheric barot. Menus focus on fresh, seasonal, including freshly made juices courtesy of The Juicery.You can enjoy such type of food like as chinese food, tea, coffee etc.

Local Culture

Barot valley offers you to see pure pahari culture and houses. People here are very humble and friendly.

Old style villages and culture

People here are very humble and friendly.Still many houses are made as old style stone houses These were some of the man made attractions at Barot.But Barot valley also have many more as old style mountain houses made of stones and wood and old temples.