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Describing Barot Valley

Barot valley is a specified as best travel destination in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh in 2015.Barot is a small hill station at the altitude of 1700 mts from sea level in the both banks for river Uhl. Uhl river is first in Country which is used for generation hydroelectricity. Barot valley is also known for Trout fish and this hill station has trout breeding form operating by Himachal Pradesh fishing department of Agriculture University, Palampur. Barot Valley is not only known for its man made projects but recognized as most beautiful destination in the area.Barot Valley is providing vast range for Tourism activities.

Local Sight Seeing in Barot

Shanan power project in Barot

Shanan power project is oldest hydro project of India .It was made by engineer Col . Batty. Construction work was started on 1926 and project completed in 1932 . A diversion was made on beautiful Uhl river and water stored in big reservoirs from where water to power house sent through underground tunnel and after then by big iron pipes .Reservoirs made in very beautiful manner and also a park is made near big reservoir . Here you can see old machinery which was originally installed in 1932 .
barot himachal

Haulage trolley

barot himachal

The haulage trolley system also built for Shanan power project . In 1926 Barot was not connected to Jogindernagar by road , so this haulage trolley system was built through mountains so that to carry construction material needed to built Shanan power project at Barot himachal. The haulage trolley built here is unique in world as is passes through mountains and thick cedar forests . A 3 K.M. horizontal track also made at top of mountain to connect both topmost stations of Haulage trolley viz. “Winch camp” and “Head Gear” . It is a unique type of trolley based on pulley system.

Trout fish farm

Barot valley is famous for it’s trout fishes . Quality trout are found both in Uhl river as well as in trout fish farm . Trouts are rich in protein and very tasty . Fishes from here send to all over India and other countries . Trout fish farm here is made in very beautiful manner . You will enjoy the visit to fish farm.

barot himachal

Uhl river

barot valley

Barot valley is made due to river Uhl and its tributary river . Uhl river is perennial river as it is fed with glaciers . Even in summers the water of river is very cold as it is snow melted . Uhl river is full with trout fishes and trout angling is a great tourist attraction. You can also enjoy moving along banks of Uhl river and also swimming , river crossing etc .

Old style villages and culture

Barot valley offers you to see pure “pahari “(mountan) culture and houses . People here are very humble and friendly . Still many houses are made as old style stone houses .These were some of the man made attractions at Barot . But Barot valley also have many more as old style mountain houses made of stones and wood and old temples.Villagers here are very rich in culture and very helpful.They hesitate to start a conversation but once you start they start explaining every single interesting points in their life. They grow organic vegetables, fruits, pulses and more then that they are weaving warm clothes in the houses with sheep wool. They have small units at home to prepare shawls and local pattu’s.


barot valley

Panihartoo is the place from where the Uhl river emerges . This place is very beautiful . Here you can see many falls , water streams , green valley having some glaciers and much more . This place is about 25 K.M. away from Barot and 12 can go by vehicle , rest you have to trek.

Denasar Lake

About 20 K.M. away from Barot station . You have to trek to mountain to reach lake . Lake is very beautiful and big at top of mountain . it is glacier  fed and a trek to Kullu goes from here.goes from here.
This is a holy lake situated at an altitude of 14000 feet (4150m) above sea level. Hundreds of tourist come for their prayers here. The circumference of lake is 800m. Lake is almost snowcovered during 9 months of a year and opens in the month of June to September only. Heavy woolens required to get here as temperature is generally less than 0 degree Celsius.

barot valley