Adventure Activities

Trekking at Barot

Great place to do various adventurous activities in exotic locations of Barot valley like trekking camping and fishing also Paragliding at Bir Billing. Trekking in Barot valley is really a great fun. Barot valley attraction points are such as fresh water streams, old haulage trolley. We will trek you through all beautiful locations of Barot valley. Famous trekking routs that passes from Barot valley are :
• Barot to Kullu via Denasar lake .
• Barot to Kullu via Bhubhu pass.
• Barot to Manali via Thamsar pass , Bara Bhangal .
• Barot to Bir Biling via Rajgundha trek .
• Barot to Joginder Nagar.

Camping at Barot

Camping in natural environment is the real way to enjoy nature. We provide camping in Barot and in various areas of Barot valley. Our main camping site is only 1 K.M. away from Barot market approachable by road . Camp site is beside Uhl river and surrounded with many cedar trees. A big green playground makes it perfect for outdoor camping games and other camping activities . Our camp site is perfect for family camping and all age groups. Camping is really a great outdoor activity to live with mother nature and enjoying the moments. Barot valley is full of all glory of nature. Thick cedar and refreshing rivers , lakes and trout fishes are some of main attractions that Barot valley himachal provide. Your camping will be remember-able if you come here.

Fishing at Barot

Trout fish farm are the main barot valley attraction.Just hold your fishing rod and start exploring through beautiful Uhl river as this river is full of Trout fishes . There are two rivers in Barot valley which are famous for trout fishing. Trout fishes are known for its taste and nutritious value.Enjoy clear water trout angling at Barot valley . Barot valley is fed with two beautiful rivers filled with trout fishes . Trout finishes always found in cold snow melted rivers and are very tasty and rich in proteins .Barot valley offers perfect place for angling lovers as you can can do angling beside beautiful river surrounded with cedar forest and at lonely places. Angling of trout fish is a fun sport for angling lovers.

Barot Valley Attraction